Friday, 3 June 2011

Dollipop's Boutique interview!

Tell us a bit about who you are and what you do.

I am a 20-something primary school teacher from east London, with a keen interest in arts, crafts and Irish dancing!
What made you start?

While I was at university I started buying bits and pieces to make my own jewellery, started it giving them to friends as presents and keeping some for myself, of course. Word got around and people began putting in orders for certain necklaces and charm bracelets and it escalated from there really! I originally started selling on ebay and had my own website for a bit but as I'm so busy with work I didn't have time for the upkeep of a personal site so figured Folksy would be a lot more manageable.

Do you consider yourself/the business a success? Why is that?
I feel proud of what I do but still think there are lots more successes to come for Dollipops Boutique!! I do sell lots of items on and offline and feel so happy when I when see someone wearing a Dollipops product... it gives me butterflies!

What do you want your business to grow into?
My dream would be to have my very own little Dollipops Boutique shop in Brighton or somewhere just as quaint! I can't imagine completely giving up teaching so maybe I'd just do a day here and there in a school.
Is this what you thought you would be doing when you left school, What were your dreams?
I also dreamed about being a teacher, so never imagined that I would have my own online business! Although saying that I used to make friendship bracelets when I was in primary school and sell them for 20p each so maybe it's always been my destiny!
Do you prefer handmade or high street? What are you favourite shops?
I LOVE handmade items and find myself lost in a Folksy world, trawling through shops selling handmade items for hours. Then again, I spend just as much Time in Matalan (no Topshop for me!!). I do find myself buying more and more handmade products these days though and am constantly telling people to check out handmade shops

And finally, Whats you idea of a perfect Sunday?

Waking up on a nice sunny Sunday, going for a stroll in the forest and coming home to have a big fry up, with copius amount of tea. My afternoon would be spent sewing and jewellery making, with roast dinner at the 'rents. Nothing overly exciting, it's the simple pleasures that make Sundays perfect for relaxing and chilling out!

Thanks for popping over Lauren!

You can find out more about Dollipop's here

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  1. Thanks very much for the interview!! Have tweeted and Facebooked the link for it :)

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